Friends of the Library


     The Friends of the Hamer Library is an auxillary group of the Hamer Library. They have compiled three publications, "Favorite Recipes from Hamer Kitchens", "Welcome to Our Hamer Kitchens" and "Sands of Time, Desert in Bloom", histories of Hamer and surrounding area families. Through memberships and fund-raisers the Friends raise money for special library projects, books and other items.



Books, Books-on-Tape, shelving, videos, computer station, tables, reading, incentives, copiers, supplies, typewriters, bulletin boards, revolving video stand, GBC Image Maker, book binder, chairs, a scanner, Accelerated Reader disks, filing cabinets, easel board set, and matching funds for grants.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Yearly April 1st to March 31st


Membership forms are available at the library. Dues are $5.00 per household, and $10.00 for organizations. Two coupons for free video rentals will be given after membership dues are received.

Contact the Library to join!

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